Who are we?

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We provide digital marketing services to brands of all sizes increasing sales and notoriety. We are very numbers-centric and at the same time create creative designs, campaigns, and experiences which engage audiences.

Our many years of experience in the digital landscape has provided us with the unique ability to assist clients with the most difficult of technical challenges. We execute digital marketing campaigns while assisting integrations and deployments of enterprise systems. We are technical marketers who are platform-agnostic and hold a keen sense of both process and efficiency.

Our excellent designs and technical knowledge are essential to building ground-breaking experiences that are innovative and unique.

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Why Us?


We Get Results! 

To demonstrate the success we bring to our clients, we measure every aspect of what we do. Assessment of our work illuminates the efficiency of our campaigns. It's all about the numbers with Mx-Ad!


Uniqueness & Innovation

We are constantly pushing the envelope at Mx-Ad; embracing new technologies, new designs, and new ideas. Our design and usability teams incorporate the most up-to-date methods to ensure that our clients receive cutting edge and engaging results.


Breadth of Capabilities

Mx-Ad team members are not only great at what they do, but are constantly challenging themselves to grow. Our team has a variety of capabilities complimented by a group of strategic partners who share in Mx-Ad's forward-thinking culture and ability to execute.

Our Services

  • Project Management

    The ability for a project seamlessly flow through its stages and come together in an organized and professional…

  • SEO, SEM, & Media Buying

    Just because you build it does not mean they will come. Our SEO team assures that your website…

  • Development

    Excellent technical knowledge is essential to building ground-breaking experiences that are innovative and unique. Our Development team is constantly…

  • Design

    Usability and compelling design are paramount to impressive experiences which are memorable and enjoyable. We have a sharp…

  • Content Creation

    Owned media is important to engaging your audience. We help companies of all sizes continually generate great content…

  • Social Media Management

    Social media is not just about branding but it's about building and engaging a community around your brand.…

  • Marketing Automation

    Capturing leads is very important to the sales process but leads are not always ready to buy today.…

  • Consulting

    From small projects to large integrations we have the experience to help you optimize your process. Our team…



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